Frankie Paul

Written by Josh Dodes
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Finding Stevie Wonder on the radio has become harder than ever, let alone the man so many reggae fans consider Jamaica's counterpart: Frankie Paul. As commercial radio bows more and more deeply to the narrow demographic demands of their advertisers, huge swaths of the musical landscape are getting left behind. However, if you're looking for great dancehall and roots music, there is finally good news.

What could be more appropriate for the good vibes of reggae than to be streamed for free all over the Internet? Today, the Net touches us all, and with this interconnection has come a whole new set of opportunities to get great music out. That is precisely what a select group of the premier reggae DJs have elected to do in recent years.

How to Find Frankie Paul

Finding Frankie Paul and other brilliant artists has never been simpler. The solution is to look for all of the qualities that commercial radio has come to shun: deep playlists, a wider variety of performers, and literally continuous music. Taking the time to find slamming reggae on the Internet pays endless dividends without endless costs--or any costs at all!

If you've given up on hearing your favorite reggae artists on the air, you owe it to yourself to check out these new options. You might be surprised to hear material that you haven't heard in ages, in addition to the best new tracks. Because, contrary to what commercial radio would have you believe, music is not just about the flavor of the month.

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