Haile Selassie

Written by Josh Dodes
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Unless you live in Jamaica, the odds are exceptional that you will never hear the words "Haile Selassie" uttered on the radio. That's because, unless you live in one of a select number of metropolitan cities, you are unlikely to find reggae on the air, let alone any mention of the legendary Emperor whose followers constitute a good portion of reggae's finest artists. Fortunately, if you are looking for a connection to reggae music and culture, there is a new solution.

Thanks to a handful of progressive and innovative reggae DJs, you can now find the best in reggae music and culture 24 hours a day, from wherever you are. No, not on the air--increasingly narrow formatting has made that unlikely at best. Rather, you can find this wellspring of good vibes and great music on the Internet.

Haile Selassie and Rasta Music in One Place

Best of all, you can now find detailed information on such mammoth figures as Haile Selassie in the same place as you can find the best Rasta music anywhere. And of course, that's only the beginning. The top reggae DJs have embraced the freedom of the Net to the fullest, offering a diversity of music and culture that will never be found on the radio dial again.

Take the time to find the best reggae online, and you will never be sorry. With a brief investment in time and zero investment in money (or listening to commercials!), you can be immersed in reggae any time you want. And what self-respecting music fan wouldn't want that?

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