Jamaican Music

Written by Josh Dodes
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Outside of Jamaica, the chances of finding continuous Jamaican music on the radio are virtually nil. In fact, even in Jamaica, the good vibes are always broken up sooner or later by a commercial break. Today, however, you can truly find continuous reggae somewhere new: the Internet.

In the last few years, Internet radio has undergone a profound transformation. Now that the top stations have improved their software, anyone with a connection can get a continuous, high-quality stream of music, without ads or any interruptions at all. That's particularly good news for fans of dancehall, dub, roots, and any number of styles you're unlikely to find on terrestrial radio.

Jamaican Music at Your Fingertips

The top Jamaican music stations online play much more than the flavor of the month. Without demographic-minded advertisers to please, the top DJs can play deeper, more diverse cuts that fans want to hear. Isn't that what radio was supposed to be about in the first place?

Now that the best radio has moved onto the Internet, there's no reason to wait. Anywhere you are, the odds are now good that you're a moment away from the best reggae on the planet. Take advantage of it, and you will never want to go back to your old radio dial again.

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