Nitty Gritty

Written by Josh Dodes
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Where can you hear the great dancehall stars like Nitty Gritty? Not on the radio, that's for certain. Unless you live in Jamaica or one of a few select metropolitan areas, the chances of hearing anything but the most commercial, flavor-of-the-month reggae music on the radio is virtually nil.

Fortunately, just as millions of fans have started giving up on the radio dial, a new solution has emerged. In the last few years, a handful of the top reggae DJs have brought diverse, slamming Jamaican music back to the radio--Internet radio. Taking advantage of the freedom of this robust new format, these top DJs have made it possible for anyone to hear the best reggae in the world, wherever they are.

Nitty Gritty and Others

Because these Net DJs are not beholden to the same demographic-focused advertisers as commercial radio stations are, they can play the wide array of great music you really want to hear. A 24-hour, commercial-free format allows them to play Nitty Gritty and countless other artists spanning the entire breadth of reggae music. Why wait in vain for a small slice of Jamaican music, when the full range of reggae is only a click of the mouse away?

Take the time to discover the best reggae stations on the Internet, and you will never even consider going back to terrestrial radio. The future of music listening for true fans is here. If you know where to find it, you can tune in and feel those positive vibes today.

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