Written by Josh Dodes
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If you're tired of commercial radio stations that don't understand Jamaican music, like alone Jamaican cultural concepts such as Nyabingi, you are not alone. In fact, unless you live in Jamaica, you are likely among the millions of reggae fans without a place on the radio dial. What can you do besides play your records over and over again?

Finally, there is a novel answer to this age-old question. Thanks to an explosion of Internet technology in the last few years, the best and most diverse reggae radio stations are now online. Helmed by DJs who love and understand the music and culture as much as you do, these stations represent a breath of fresh air for true fans everywhere.

The Music and Concept of Nyabingi

Better still, the multimedia potential of the Internet means that these outstanding reggae stations can stream continuous music and offer a wealth of information about concepts such as Nyabingi. And when these DJs say "continuous music," they mean it literally. Around the clock, around the world, with no fees or commercial interruptions, these stations have set a new standard for reggae listening and learning.

So stop endless searching your radio dial for a type of station that no longer exists. Join the vanguard of Internet radio fans, and you will never consider going back to commercial radio again. With music this good so close at hand, there is no reason to settle for less.

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