Written by Josh Dodes
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Thankful for Putumayo's embrace of reggae music, but wishing you could hear the best of reggae even more regularly? Your timing could not be any better. Today, for the first time, the spirit infusing this progressive organization's mission can now be found somewhere new, as well: on the Internet.

Thanks to a handful of innovative DJs, the widest array of slamming reggae music is now available around the clock. Internet radio has increasingly become a safe and welcome haven for true music fans and the DJs who serve them. Few styles of music have enjoyed the benefits of this treatment more than reggae.

Putumayo's Mission Writ Large

These online stations, in many respects, represent Putumayo's mission writ large. After all, unless you live in Jamaica or one of a small number of metropolises, you are unlikely to find reggae on commercial radio at all. What world music could be better served by around-the-clock, around-the-world free music streams than reggae?

If you know where to look, you can find the deepest album cuts and the most diverse selection of reggae music available, in no time at all. Wherever you are, you can now enjoy the best music in the world, for free. And isn't that what great radio was supposed to be about?

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