Written by Josh Dodes
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If you are on the hunt for great Rasta music, your radio dial may be the worst possible place to look. As commercial radio has become ever more narrowly formatted and advertisement-laden, the possibility of enjoying continuous reggae vibes on the air has become slimmer than ever before. Fortunately, true reggae fans now have a remarkable alternative.

Thanks to dramatic advances in streaming software, Internet radio has become a clear replacement for--if not improvement upon--yesterday's best radio stations. True world music forms, such as reggae and all of its variants, have particularly benefited form this treatment. No longer must you live in Jamaica to immerse yourself in Jamaican music around the clock, commercial-free.

Rasta Music for the World

Best of all, because the top Net stations answer to you, rather than to corporate advertisers, they have every incentive to play the widest array of great music possible. That means that you won't simply get that limited slice of Rasta music you'll occasionally hear on the radio, but the full range of artists and tracks that have made this music such a worldwide favorite. After all, why should advertisers be allowed to restrict the music you love?

Once you find the best reggae stations on the Web, we promise you will never want to go back to terrestrial radio? With choices this impressive, there's simply no reason to settle for less. If you know where to look, you will never again have to.

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