Written by Josh Dodes
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True reggae fans around the world have something new to shout about. In the last few years, the relentless advance of Internet technology has finally allowed something sorely missing on the airwaves to emerge: continuous, commercial-free Jamaican music, around the clock and around the world. This represents nothing short of an extraordinary victory for lovers of this beloved music.

As commercial radio has become progressively driven by narrow ideas about demographics and advertising dollars, even formats that once embraced reggae are rapidly being forced out. Happily, Internet radio has stepped in to do far more than simply fill the gap. Today's best stations offer reggae music in a way that even yesterday's best commercial stations could not hope to match.

Reggae and Music Freedom

No longer beholden to ruthless advertisers, the best DJs online are able to spin music with a freedom that is virtually limitless. That means that you're no longer just getting the flavor of the month. Set loose on the online airwaves, the top DJs are playing brilliant artists and slamming tracks that most people never thought they would hear on the radio again.

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