Written by Josh Dodes
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As popular and mainstream as ska music has become in recent years, it is still only a small selection of great ska music that makes the airwaves. If you are outside a major metropolitan area, you are unlikely to find any reggae or reggae-influenced music at all. What's a serious fan to do in an environment where radio's options are contracting, rather than expanding?

Go online, of course. Thanks to recent advances in streaming technology, Internet radio has emerged as the clear successor to terrestrial stations. More than simply a replacement, however, the best online stations are able to offer music in a way that regular stations could not hope to match. That's because the Web allows a diversity of artists and musics to coexist independent of commercial concern, all under the same roof.

The Best Ska in the World

As a result, you can now find the best music in the world anywhere in the world you happen to be. Not a hit? No longer a hit? Never a hit? It doesn't matter. These stations are all about the music, and the best of them are helmed by DJs as passionate about and well-versed in this music as you are.

Why settle for less, when you can now have the best of all possible worlds, all the time? Once you find a listening home or homes online, you'll never have to wait through a commercial or bemoan the repetition of the same few songs again. That, of course, is what radio was always supposed to be all about.

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