Written by Josh Dodes
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Spinning the radio dial, hoping against hope that you'll find a soca track somewhere? Unless you happen to live in Jamaica or a select few other markets, you probably already know that you won't have any luck. As commercial radio becomes ever more narrowly formatted, the chances of finding this music anywhere but your record collection have become next to nil.

Happily, true fans have another option that is even better. Thanks to recent advances in proprietary streaming technology, Internet radio has exploded with crystal-clear stations playing the music you love all day and night. And of course, soca is no exception; if you know where to look, you'll never be without some of the most uplifting music in the world again.

Soca at Your Fingertips

Best of all, because the top Internet radio stations are not beholden to the corporate interests hobbling their terrestrial counterparts, they can play all the music you want to hear, completely commercial-free. Helmed and directed by fans as passionate about the music as you are, these stations are like having the world's best DJs on call, at work or in your home. What could be better than that?

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