Steel Pulse

Written by Josh Dodes
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Even in their native UK, roots reggae stars Steel Pulse are harder and harder to find on commercial radio. That is not really a surprise; after all, so much great music that does not fit into an ever-shrinking number of narrow formats is being left behind. Fortunately, radio's marginalization of such styles as roots reggae has precipitated a new option that is even better.

In the last few years, advances in streaming technology have allowed Internet radio to explode like never before. Without limits on bandwidth and the limits imposed by corporate interests, the best Net stations have more than replaced yesterday's best terrestrial ones. In fact, they have surpassed them in every way.

Steel Pulse and the Best Roots

Thanks to some of the best roots DJs in the world, artists like Steel Pulse are now streamed 24 hours a day, all over the world. That means that wherever you live, you can now hear the best roots reggae whenever you want, for free, without any commercial interruptions. Now that top stations sound so astonishingly clear, there is no reason to return to the terrestrial radio stations again.

Commercial stations just cannot compete with the diversity of artists played by Net stations. In fact, as the Net fulfills the promises that commercial radio never could, more and more of the best DJs are jumping ship to a media where they can have their say. I encourage you to join them, and take a stand in the name of great music, not narrow corporate ideas of it.

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