Background Music

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The right background music can transform a dull presentation into a fantastic one. The power of sound should not be underestimated. Sound design and music composition can bring incredible quality to even very low-budget projects. With the right background music, even your home videos can move people to laughter and tears.

Where to Find Background Music

People want good background music for an incredibly wide variety of reasons. Perhaps your father's 75th birthday is coming up, and you want to surprise him at his party with a slide show accompanied by fun or moving music. Maybe your job requires you to create power point presentations or corporate videos. Maybe you are a commercial producer who needs good production music on a near-constant basis.

You can create a production music library a few different ways. If you are creating small-time projects, you can take your chances on pirating the music. In the past, people got away with murder when it came to using music without paying for it. Of course, times have changed. Law suits are now being brought against the little guy, because the little guy is doing big damage to the recording industry. Piracy is now a foolish choice for everyone.

You can create your library by purchasing the music. Of course, the royalties can be prohibitively expensive. You can hire a composer to create the music, but this is extremely time-consuming and costly. The smartest solution is to turn to a royalty free music site on the Internet.

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