License Free Music

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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License free music can save you an inordinate amount of legal headaches. When you buy most music, you have to pay a licensing fee. Even if you're using the song as background music in your commercial or video project, you have to pay a royalty fee every time you replay it. With license free music, also known as royalty free music, a one-time flat fee entitles you to replay the song as often as you'd like.

Saving Money with License Free Music

License free music is an incredible money saver for almost everyone who uses it. Say you create an educational CD-ROM, having no idea how many copies it will sell. If it becomes a hit, and you end up pressing tens of thousands of copies, the amount of money you will lose in royalty fees is astronomical. Choosing license free would save you all that cash.

If you advertise your company with a local commercial, and it does so well that you replay it over and over again for months, using royalty free music for the spot will save you a great deal of money. In other words, any time you expect to replay music, expect to lose money, unless you go royalty free. Buyout music is the ideal, for everything from elevator music, to music on hold, to corporate industrial videos or training videos.

Don't even think about using music that you haven't paid for. In the past, many producers of industrial videos, and even local commercials, used whatever music they liked, without paying anyone. Their thought was, Who is going to notice, and who is going to care? Those days are gone. If you risk using music you haven't paid for, you can expect the RIAA to come down as hard on you as they can. The RIAA has never had as little tolerance for piracy and music theft as it does today.

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