Music Library

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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You'll need a music library of songs in wildly different styles and genres if you intend to create multimedia or commercial projects on a regular basis. Whether you produce low-budget local commercials, or whether you are a corporate speaker who regularly uses power point in her presentations, a music library is a must. Music can transform an ordinary, low-budget project into something really special.

An Affordable Music Library

Unfortunately, music can be very expensive. When you pay royalties for music, the more often you play it, the more it will cost you. Imagine the expense of using music on hold for your company's phone system, or muzak for your reception area. The expense can quickly become prohibitive.

Of course, the expense of pirating music can be even greater. In the past, the little guy could get away with using whatever music he wanted for free. Who was going to notice music piracy in a small-time power point presentation or trade show video? Nowadays, the recording industry no longer looks on piracy with a casual eye. The little guy is now getting sued for a lot of money.

The answer to your music library needs is royalty free music. For a one-time fee (a buyout) you get music that you can use again and again at no extra cost. Since the primary expense with using music is the cost of the royalties, going royalty free is the smart way to go.

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