Presentation Music

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Presentation music can transform your dull industrial video or power point project into something really impressive and inspiring. Whether you're trying to woo guests over to your end of the building at a trade show, or just trying to keep your employees awake during a training session, cool presentation music is the answer. In the past, video producers just slapped any old piece of music they fancied onto their project, without a single thought toward licensing or royalties.

Those days are gone. Now, using presentation music you haven't paid for can land you in jail. The RIAA is feeling very, very protective of its recording artists these days, and it is no longer turning a blind eye on small-time music theft. You might be able to get away with stealing music for your industrial video or web site--but if you get caught, something a lot harsher than a "cease and desist" might be waiting for you.

Affordable Presentation Music

At the same time, you're not about to spend thousands of dollars hiring a lawyer to secure the licensing of a popular rock song for your little power point presentation, are you? You probably can't afford to spend a lot of money, even if you're a speaker who uses power point often in your line of work. Smart people who want great, affordable music for no hassles inevitably end up in the same place: a royalty free music web site.

Royalty free music (also known as buyout music) is purchased for a flat fee. You never have to worry about law suits for copyright infringement, even if you use the music thousands and thousands of times. Best of all, this music is incredibly easy to access. If you have a few free hours, you can listen to dozens of songs in myriad genres, choose your favorite, and download it for an affordable price.

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