Production Music

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Good production music can make a low-budget commercial or presentation look like a million bucks. Whether you download sound effects to give your power point presentation for work an extra kick, or you use powerful theme music to make your trade show video the standout at the show, music matters. Music can transform a low-budget project into something truly impressive.

Production Music and Royalties

Unfortunately, finding production music can be a real hassle, and paying for it can be prohibitively expensive. This is especially true when you plan to replay the music again and again. If you intend to use music for a one-time power point presentation, the royalties aren't going to set you back that much. But if you want music for a commercial or video you intend to show over and over, or heaven forbid as "music on hold" for your company's phone system, the royalties can become unbelievably expensive.

In the past, people often simply used whatever music they wanted, assuming no one would catch wind of their activities. They believed they could get away with using music for free, because who on earth was going to discover their piracy, let alone sue them for it? Times have changed. People are being sued for small-time music piracy. The law suits aren't going away, either. Nowadays, if you want to use music, you'd better pay for it.

If you want production music that you can afford, you should look for buyout music. Buyout music is "bought out" for a one-time only, flat fee. After that, it's yours to use as you please, completely legally, and royalty free.

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