Brass Sheet Music

Written by Serena Berger
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Brass sheet music can be found online to enhance the repertoires of brass players at all skill levels. Both soloists and ensembles can find music online and take advantage of the convenience and savings afforded by internet music catalogs. In a matter of minutes, you can have classical, jazz, or popular pieces in your hand if you find a good source on the web.

Finding Brass Sheet Music Online

It can be tough to be a brass player (or any other solo instrument) if you're on your own and not playing with a group. Most of the famous composers wrote for piano, and some for stringed soloists, but the repertoire of solo brass music is relatively limited, and the famous brass concerti are typically suited only to the highest level players' abilities. If you want to pick up the trumpet for your own enjoyment, you probably don't want to sweat and curse your way through the Hummel Concerto. Chances are your neighbors don't want you to, either.

Of course, if you are a serious classical brass player, you will be able to find sheet music for the more difficult recital caliber pieces online. The Hayden Concerto in E Flat, the Mozart brass quartets and quintets, Telemann's Sonatas for two trumpets, and many other chamber works by Bach, Beethoven, and other greats should all be available on a good website for brass sheet music. But if you are a more casual player or a beginner, you can also find some unexpected pieces that will challenge you or give you enjoyment alone or in an ensemble.

Often, particularly enjoyable brass sheet music to play will be pieces not originally written for brass instruments. It would be impossible to list the variety of American standards which have been arranged for brass ensembles or soloists. From ragtime to patriotic songs, pop songs to jazz hits, classic tunes have inspired composers and arrangers to craft versions for brass, which you can browse and download online to make playing more fun.

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