Cello Sheet Music

Written by Serena Berger
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Finding cello sheet music online has become significantly easier over the past couple of years. The solo cello repertoire is extensive, as many composers were excited to explore the dynamic range of this rich and lyrical instrument. If you include works for string quartets and quintets in your search, you will find hundreds of beautiful pieces to play.

Of course, many of these pieces are suited only to more serious musicians, either because of their technical difficulty or because they require an ensemble in which to play, which you are unlikely to have unless you are pursuing music fairly seriously. If you are a professional musician, a teacher, or student who is seriously pursuing the cello, however, you should strongly consider buying your cello sheet music online. The convenience and the prices are unmatched, and the selection covers the spectrum of representative works from the cello canon.

Examples of Cello Sheet Music for Serious Students

Even without an orchestra or accompanist, a cellist can work on exquisite music from the Schumann A Minor Concerto, the Hayden C Major Concerto, the Elgar E Minor Concerto, or other great cello concerti. There are also a number of glorious piano and cello sonatas which a student can typically play with a teacher providing the piano accompaniment. Teachers may also form string quartets with their most promising pupils, or with students of comparable skills, so a cellist can explore the chamber music which is an essential part of the classical cello repertoire in that forum.

You can also find a lot of interesting and perhaps unexpected cello sheet music. Sometimes you can find arrangements of pieces written originally for other instruments transcribed and amended to become fun or challenging cello solos. In other cases, you can find easy-to-play arrangements of songs that people enjoy sharing at social gatherings or during the holidays.

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