Classical Guitar Sheet Music

Written by Serena Berger
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Classical guitar sheet music is growing in popularity online. There are some general online music sites which feature classical guitar music, as well as a number of specialized sites for guitar music only. More than any other instrument, guitarists tend to have strong online communities where people share recommendations, tips, tab, and stories. While other genres tend to dominate online guitar communities, classical guitar still has a strong constituency from whom you can learn a great deal.

Finding Classical Guitar Sheet Music Online

Guitarists of all skill levels can take advantage of the benefits of classical guitar sheet music online. The best sites offering sheet music for downloading will also offer sound samples of the pieces they have for sale. This is great especially if you want to browse for pieces you haven't heard before; you can take an afternoon and listen to the sound clips of various pieces by composers from the Baroque period to modern jazz, and when you find something you like that you know you can play now or can aspire to, it's available for easy and inexpensive downloading right then and there.

Many of the composers famous for guitar works do not overlap the lists of composers who are known for piano, symphonic, vocal, or string works. Essentially, this is because those other composers were not intimately familiar with the guitar, as felt their talents were better applied elsewhere. Fernando Sor, Mauro Guilliani, Matteo Carcassi, Fernando Carulli, and Francisco Tarrega are among the great composers for guitar. You can, however, find guitar works by Schubert, Berlioz, Weber, Rossini, and Verdi, each of whom did play the instrument. Frequently if you are looking for classical guitar music online, you will be searching for transcriptions and arrangements of pieces which were originally orchestrated very differently.

Even if you think you are only interested in rock music, you may find tremendous rewards in studying classical guitar sheet music. What you will learn about technique, fingering, and harmony from classical music is applicable to any genre, and can broaden your horizons as well as improving all of your playing skills. While classical guitar music is generally intended to be played on nylon strings, there is no reason not to play it on an electric guitar if that is all you have, and you can even have fun experimenting with effects to make the style your own.

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