Classical Sheet Music

Written by Serena Berger
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Finding classical sheet music online is becoming increasingly easy, and more musicians from every sphere of ability and taste are taking advantage of sheet music downloading. Classical sheet music can become very expensive if you are a serious musician or advanced student. In addition, with rare piece, it can be a real nuisance to place a special order, wait for it to come in, and get to a store to pick it up.

Classical Sheet Music Online

You can't go wrong with an online sheet music catalog. If a site offers the piece you are looking for (which you can verify by viewing sample pages and listening to sound clips), you can pay a relatively low fee and the sheet music will be emailed to you immediately. Typically, it can be read with Adobe Acrobat software, which is a free product you can download on the Internet, and then all you need is a printer.

Admittedly, if you are looking for Alessandro Stradella's Sonata di viole, you aren't any more likely to find it online than you are in stock in a store. The reasonably popular works by the great composers like Bach, Chopin, Mozart, et al., however, are often easily found. Another use of the aforementioned sound clips is browsing; if you're feeling as though you've stagnated and you want to try something new and fun, it can be great to listen to sound clips of pieces you've never heard of before, knowing that if you like one, you can pick up the sheet music right then and there.

The best sites for classical sheet music online offer you several ways to sort through their catalogs. Not only can you browse by composer, you can also browse for your instrument. If you're a lonely bari sax, viola, double bass (or any other instrument) player who is looking for ways to have a little more fun with your instrument even if you don't have an ensemble in which to play, you should see what sheet music you can find online.

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