Easy Sheet Music

Written by Serena Berger
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Easy sheet music can help almost anyone enjoy playing an instrument. Often, people who don't have time to practice very much or don't want to study a concert repertoire can find it difficult to find music that they want to play. It can be hard even to know where to look, and sometimes unpleasant to deal with the people who work in classical music stores, where you can be on the receiving end of a condescending attitude it you ask for something the staff doesn't consider to be great music.

As with almost any product nowadays, searching for easy sheet music online is now the quickest and most convenient way to find and get what you want. Most online sheet music sites will indicate the difficulty of each piece of music, and will probably have a search engine where you can initiate your search with that as your primary criterion. You can also search by instrument or composer, however, and then make note of the difficulty rating of pieces which interest you.

Assessing Easy Sheet Music

There are also a couple of ways to verify just how easy a piece of allegedly easy sheet music is. First, you can almost always view the first page or two of a piece while you are on the website; they can't show you the whole thing in order to avoid illegal copying, but you can see enough to get some idea of whether you're going to be able to play it. Typically, you can also listen to a sound clip of more of the piece, if not the whole thing, because the same programs which allow the input of digital sheet music can also play it back.

In addition to finding sheet music for songs that are fairly easy to begin with, you can also find simplified versions of many beautiful songs from all genres. There are even portions of very difficult pieces which have been arranged for solo instruments and musicians with less time to dedicate to their craft. For example, you may be able to find an easy piano solo version of the popular eighteenth movement of Rachmaninov's Pagini Variations or the first movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata which you will be able to play even if you could not play the whole piece.

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