Guitar Sheet Music

Written by Serena Berger
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There is a lot of great guitar sheet music online. Guitarists tend to have very active online communities, where fellow players provide support, tips, and tablature from all around the world. In general, the worlds of classical and rock guitar are as unlikely to collide online as they are in the concert hall, but some of the best players embrace music from all traditions and genres, and there are some sites which offer eclectic combinations of guitar sheet music to appeal to players who truly love music and their instrument without any genre boundaries.

There is a phenomenon in the guitar world that you are unlikely to find for most other instruments, namely that of people figuring out songs by ear and then posting what they figured out online for others to play. In some cases, especially if you just want the chord progression to a popular song, this can be an easy way to pick it up. But anyone who has sorted through the message boards on guitar newsgroups has also had the almost comical experience of sorting through guitar "music" provided by well-intentioned, but inexperienced, fans who figured out some of the chords or riffs in a song, but weren't able to notate anything in an easily readable form.

The Best Ways to Find Guitar Sheet Music Online

Professional guitar sheet music sites help you avoid these problems, as well as wading through the threads of insults and corrections that inevitably follow someone's less-than-perfect posting. (Or even someone's perfect posting, since there seem to be an awful lot of cranky people on internet message boards these days!) You are likely to realize very quickly the advantages of paying a low monthly or annual fee to gain access to unlimited downloads from a legitimate online sheet music source. The quality of the sheet music will be first-rate, and the service will be prompt, and never unpleasant.

In general, you are likely to narrow down your search for the right sight for you in one of two ways. If you have a particular kind of music you want to play (anything as specific as Klezmer, or as abstract as pop/rock), you might want to find a site for that type of music, which is likely to serve multiple instruments. This can be particularly convenient if you play in a band or ensemble, because you can easily get parts for your fellow musicians as well. You can also approach the search the other way, though, and find a guitar sheet music site, and then browse its library to see what you might like to try in multiple genres.

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