Keyboard Sheet Music

Written by Serena Berger
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Keyboard sheet music can mean a couple of different things. The term may be used very specifically to differentiate keyboard music that was written for rock or jazz idioms to be played on an electronic keyboard instrument. It may also, however, be used to refer to any music written for a keyboard instrument, in which case it is in fact likely that means the piano, and classical music could be included in the description.

Keyboard Sheet Music Online

With the rise in popularity of digital sheet music available for downloading on the Internet, keyboard sheet music of all types is becoming readily available, and much of it for free. Sometimes you can get music for free because it is in the public domain (no longer under copyright) and someone has chosen to take the time to make a digital form of the sheet music and is willing to share it for free. Other times, sites with extensive libraries will offer some music for free because that is the best way to introduce people to their product.

Many musicians enjoy playing with electric keyboards and recording software because they can record multi-track pieces all by themselves. The technology can also be useful for students or conductors who want to explore a score more deeply. If you have a digital copy of the sheet music to an orchestral piece or quartet, you can isolate various lines or combinations of lines and hear them together to help familiarize yourself with a score.

There is a lot of interesting and rewarding keyboard sheet music available for pieces that were not originally written for keyboard. For example, if you are a keyboard player who is going to be playing at a wedding or holiday party, you may want to be able to use a keyboard to play several of the parts of a standard wedding or holiday piece. While your own creativity sets the outer limits of what you can do with a keyboard, quality sheet music lays a foundation from which you can explore.

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