Star Spangled Banner Sheet Music

Written by Serena Berger
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Star Spangled Banner sheet music enables any instrumentalist to play our national anthem. Since the attacks on September 11, many people have experienced a resurgence of national pride, and one way of expressing that is to say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing one of our most popular patriotic songs at the beginning of an event. "The Star Spangled Banner," along with "America the Beautiful," "America" ("My county 'tis of thee"), and "God Bless America," have become more moving and inspirational, and many people have realized that in the past, they have taken those songs for granted and vowed never to do so again.

"The Star Spangled Banner" is actually very difficult to sing because the range is so wide for a vocalist. They don't choose the best singers to perform the national anthem at sporting events just because they have popular videos on MTV; it is actually necessary to have a skilled vocalist in order to do justice to the piece. When a group of people sing the song together, the weaknesses in any individual voice are disguised and the whole sound is full and rich; but in the absence of a skilled solo vocalist, you may want to consider performing Francis Scott Key's most famous song in an instrumental arrangement.

Arrangements of Star Spangled Banner Sheet Music

Luckily, you can find Star Spangled Banner sheet music arranged for many different instruments. There are digital versions of the sheet music available to download for everything from alto sax to a string quartet. Some of these versions are relatively simple, with an accompaniment part that just plays the chords and a solo instrument playing the melody. Others are a composer or arranger's vision of the song which preserves the majestic pride of the work while enhancing it with new harmonies or rich orchestration.

If you teach or conduct beginning or intermediate students, you should consider introducing them to Star Spangled Banner sheet music. It would be a great piece with which to begin a concert or recital, and it is a good piece for any instrumentalist to know how to play. If the impromptu opportunity to play a patriotic song arises, it can make you proud and make a lot of people happy if you are prepared to step in and play the national anthem.

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