Trumpet Sheet Music

Written by Serena Berger
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Trumpet sheet music online is a great musical resource for all players and teachers. Whether you know exactly what you want and enjoy the convenience of having it immediately available for downloading, or you want to browse for new possibilities you haven't heard, the Internet can bring music lessons or practice to a new level. It can also give you the opportunity to enrich your repertoire if you are a professional player in anything from a wedding band to a brass ensemble.

Trumpet Sheet Music for Any Player

Finding the right trumpet sheet music for you can make the difference between slowly finding that you always have something more important to do than practicing and loving the instrument and becoming a great player. Often young players are given exercise books and classical music, and their parents and teachers don't give them the opportunity to explore pops or jazz music. While this may be a lesson plan followed by previous generations with varying degrees of success, it may not be the way to make many students see just how much music can mean to them.

Of course, some classical trumpet music may be a delight to players of any age range and ability level. The Hummel Concerto is an ambitious work, not to be attempted by a beginner, but a very rewarding challenge for a more experienced player. There is also a very popular concerto by Haydn, which is beloved by many trumpet players.

If you are interested in trumpet sheet music suited to a pops sensibility, look no further than the works of John Williams. The popular composer of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones scores is an accomplished classical and pops composer, who has written, among other things, a trumpet concerto. Many young students or people who play for fun find this style of music to be enjoyable and rewarding, a refreshing change from the standard classical repertoire.

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