After Dinner Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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After dinner speakers usually fall into two categories: those speaking about a topic or goal, or those who are there to entertain. For those after dinner speakers who are speaking about a topic, they have the unusual problem of captivating an audience that almost always has a full belly. People who have just eaten are typically more content and amiable, but are often just as apt to let their minds wander. Some are even downright sleepy. After dinner speakers given the task of talking about a serious subject usually need to specialize in getting and keeping an audience's attention (even with full stomachs).

After dinner speakers who are there to entertain have a much easier job than those who are trying to get a serious subject across. People want to be entertained. For after dinner speakers who are there to entertain, they have the benefit of being able to work with an audience that is willing. The audience may even be looking for an excuse to laugh after a more serious speech.

Having Fun with an After Dinner Speaker

The term "after dinner speakers" may be misleading to some. After dinner speakers really don't have anything to do with dinner. Though many after dinner speakers find themselves speaking mostly after dinner, they may just as easily be asked to speak at a convention or a university graduation. However, comedians or humor-based speakers are typically asked to speak after a dinner because the atmosphere is more conducive to humor.

After dinner speakers are sought after because they have a unique ability to mix business with pleasure. Sure, it would be nice to listen to a professional comedian after a meal, but how would that mesh with the other topics discussed? After dinner speakers are often asked to refer to another topic that was discussed earlier, or they may even be asked to put that topic in a humorous light. All in all, typical after dinner speakers see both sides of the coin: they can be funny about a serious topic, or they can be serious without forgetting to laugh.

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