Author Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Having author speakers come to an elementary school or library is beneficial for both the author and the student or reader. For one thing, most author speakers love to share stories, especially with children, and children love to hear stories. Author speakers get the chance to read out loud to an audience that has yet to learn of biases, world hardship or negativity.

Another reason authors like to go to libraries is, of course, to help sell their books. People who have had a chance to meet an author almost always want to read his or her book. Booking an author to speak at your event is usually best accomplished by working with a professional agency that specializes in matching keynote speakers with events.

Authors Aren't Publishers

One of the common experience authors face is speaking to people who want to get published themselves. Many unpublished authors make a habit of visiting author speakers with a hidden agenda. Sure, they may want to hear about the book, but what they really want is to present themselves for publishing.

Authors who have people approach them with manuscripts often face a dilemma. For one thing, author speakers usually remember what it was like to be a "starving artist," desperate to get published. However, they know that it's rare to get a publishing contract by visiting other authors. . .they followed the same rules and program that are outlined in numerous books--probably available in the very building they are speaking in.

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