Celebrity Keynote Speakers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Celebrity keynote speakers hail from across the professional spectrum and may include sports figures, authors, actors, military figures, and political luminaries, just to name a few. What do these celebrities have to offer that other professional speakers don't? Primarily name recognition, which is the stock in trade of the successful event planner.

Organizers are constantly searching for big name speakers in order to garner big audiences. Keep in mind that an organizers job performance is measured by the number of people he or she put into seats as well as the standing-room audiences they draw. If a planner sells out a 1,000-seat auditorium, chances are that he or she will be hired to coordinate future events as well.

What Celebrity Keynote Speakers Offer

One asset that all good celebrity keynote speakers exploit is their pre-existing relationship with their audiences. What relationship do you have with, say, Bill Clinton or Bill Russell? From their point of view, none. You've likely never met these men, and so they don't know you from Adam--but this is not a two-way street. They know that you already have a relationship with them--at least with their public personas.

Savvy celebrity keynote speakers will therefore take advantage of this one-way familiarity to build empathy or trust in their audiences, just as certain actors win over moviegoers well before they even appear on screen in a particular movie. If you're an event planner, you can use this to your advantage in order to get through to your guests in ways that unknown speakers cannot. For the speakers themselves, these previous "shared" experiences help build good credit in the audience's estimation, thereby leaving them a margin of error in the event their lectures fall flat.

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