Celebrity Presenters

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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What exactly do celebrity presenters have to share with audiences that makes them so coveted as keynote speakers? Oftentimes, the answer is nothing more than name recognition, which is fine. After all, if you're an event planner working for a business you have two goals that aren't necessarily congruent: plan a great event and turn a profit.

To be fair, many celebrity presenters are terrific speakers. The skills that have made the Donald Trumps and Bill Clintons of the world successful at their respective trades are often the same ones that make them dynamite guests. Among these, an ability to connect with people of all walks is mandatory. The best celebrity speakers manage to sound like Average Joes and Janes when necessary.

Scheduling Celebrity Presenters

There are many conference-goers, veterans of the corporate ranks, who've learned some tricks of the trade, many of which can thwart an event planner's best intentions. If an event chair has done nothing but nab a first-rate celebrity guest, audiences may try to skip out on lead-in presenters and classroom sessions. Fortunately, there are ways for event planners to combat this growing trend.

One is to pass out tickets to see celebrity presenters only at the end of a smaller lecture. Attendees of the conference who don't have tickets to the keynote address are simply not allowed in. Another solution is to have your celebrity speaker talk about something that's been more thoroughly covered throughout the weekend. That way, his or her talk takes on special relevance to those who've been faithful attendees and manages to keep out the opportunists.

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