Celebrity Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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If you are planning an event and wondering what to do to give it greater impact, you might want to consider hiring a celebrity speaker. Celebrity speakers can add a sense of legitimacy to your event, as well as help draw a crowd. Finding celebrity speakers for your event is fairly simple, since there are many tiers of celebrities at large and many are attracted to causes, charities and topics that affect us all.

To locate sources for finding celebrity speakers, you can look online, contact your local news publications, or check with prominent leaders in your community. Talent agents and managers that represent athletes, actors, and musicians can also be found in the Hollywood Creative Directory series of books, which lists names and contact information for celebrities in many fields. Once you've determined a few resources you can tap into to find celebrity speakers, you'll want to see which speakers they have available. You may be tempted here to hire someone you loved to watch on television as a child, but it's important to think about the celebrity in context of your event.

Where there Is Passion, there Is Success

If you are hosting a charity event for elderly care, you probably don't want to have a twenty-something who appears on all the covers of the entertainment magazines. Your best bet is to find someone older or someone who has some kind of personal history with your event topic. If they've already spoken about the subject of your event, so much the better.

Make sure the celebrity speakers you look into are very familiar with the subject and content of the event. Because your celebrity is, after all, a celebrity, be prepared for the media to be there. You should have a written document (even a press release) that outlines what the purpose of your event is, and you should have a list of questions and answers to share with both your celebrity speaker and the media. If you are passionate about your cause, prepared with the right material, and determined to network, you'll be able to leverage the celebrity speaker and the ensuing media coverage to the best of your ability.

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