Corporate Retreat Speakers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are many personalities who make their careers mainly as corporate retreat speakers. The perks are obvious: free stays in world-class resorts, lots of travel, and the thrill of addressing large groups. There's also a certain respect afforded to expert speakers who are seen as leaders in their chosen fields.

It's perhaps that first benefit that's most enticing, as companies hold retreats all over the country in sunny climes such as Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Other corporations choose to head for the hills--literally--by booking hotels in Vail, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Park City, and Mammoth. From a business executive's standpoint, it's much easier to cram new sales techniques and marketing strategies down your employees' throats when those workers can ski away their cares once they're through.

Types of Corporate Retreat Speakers

While sales and marketing gurus are certainly among the more popular kinds of corporate retreat speakers, they hardly have exclusive rights to the title. Any type of public speaker can be a presenter at company retreats, but it's motivational speakers that dominate the list. That's primarily because corporations feel they have a better chance of fueling their workers' fires when those employees are already jazzed about the gourmet food, the beautiful beaches, the casinos, and all the other distractions that await.

It's that very air of opportunity and change that's so conducive for connecting with an otherwise surly or intransigent staff. Corporate retreat speakers thus begin their performances having already earned their audiences' good graces. The important thing for any business owner or manager is not to squander that good will by sticking a rigid or humorless speaker up at the podium.

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