Customer Service Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Customer service speakers have a hot topic to deal with. Ask consumers what they find the most irritating about dealing with companies and most of them will have complaints about customer service. Some companies that offer a great product have lost major amounts of market share simply because their customer service is poor. These are the types of companies that could and should hire customer service speakers to speak not only to their representatives, but also to all associates in the company.

Customer service speakers usually have a lot of knowledge to impart to employees of all levels, including top management. In many businesses, management will complain about poor customer service, and customer service representatives will complain about top management. Customer service speakers are then entering a situation that is at once typical and mismanaged. The onus then falls upon the customer service speaker to be able to address all parties. Because management likely hired them, customer service speakers may feel obligated to tow the management line. However, good customer service speakers will try their best to be completely unbiased.

Empathy Is the Key

It is not unusual for customer service speakers to separate their audience into groups and address them as individual groups. For instance, customer service speakers may want to suggest certain tactics to the people who do the day-to-day customer service work in order to improve their tactics. They may also want to suggest entirely separate tactics to management, possibly giving them ideas for how to measure the success of customer service associates.

Customer service speakers are successful when they can empathize with different groups of people. A customer service speaker must be able to see both sides of every situation. For instance, if a consumer feels that she is not getting the level of customer service she deserves, it may not just be because the representative is a poor employee. Perhaps its because the employee doesn't have the support he needs, or the tools necessary to do a good job. For customer service speakers to motivate, and ultimately help their audience improve their skill level, they must be able to speak to the experience of all involved.

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