Dynamic Speakers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Anyone who's ever witnessed dynamic speakers in action knows how crucial their deliveries are to their overall performances. Great speakers never worry about boring their audiences; they know that once they get in front of that crowd, their material and their confidence will carry them through--so much so that the audience members will still be talking about them on their ride home.

What exactly makes for dynamic speakers? From the lay person's point of view, these attributes are undefinable; there's just "something about them" that makes these performers captivating. To those in the trade, or in any performance-based industry for that matter, the secrets are openly kept ones, though they're often difficult to perfect.

The Secrets of Dynamic Speakers

Dynamic speakers realize one thing above all else: there's no substitute for great content. Sure, some enormously gifted speakers could hold an audience's attention on topics such as tax law amendments or changes to building codes, but a merely so-so speaker with first-rate material often has a leg up. Note that this does not mean that audiences embrace poor speakers who have no business standing on the podium, only that it's easier to do less with something than it is to make something great out of nothing.

Second, dynamic speakers are in control of every element in their performance. They understand how changing topics, varying pace, body language, and breathing all affect their deliveries. While the majority of the material is scripted (if memorized through sheer repetition), these speakers also know how to ad-lib or digress when the occasion calls for it.

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