Educational Speakers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Educational speakers, quite naturally, are those who can deliver an informative talk that's meant not so much to entertain as to elucidate. As you might expect then, educational speakers are often tied to more specialized audiences who are either already familiar with the topic of discussion. A speaker on the topic of superstring theory, for example, would likely address an assembly of theoretical physicists before he or she presented findings to a "lay" audience.

Bosses frequently hire educational speakers to get their staffs up to speed on the latest developments in their field. A school principal, for instance, might hire an expert in child psychology to discuss a new theory of learning or cognitive development that the average teacher might not know but could easily incorporate into his or her established body of knowledge. On the other hand, he or she could also hire an expert from a wholly different field--say the military--and then have that speaker discuss universal ideas such as discipline and teamwork.

The Value of Educational Speakers

One of the greatest attractions when it comes to educational speakers is their price tags. A specialist from a common arena such as academia or the military typically costs far less than a well-known celebrity. Moreover, he or she usually has a more meaningful message to share, including usable skills that are applicable on the job. An entertainer may lure in throngs of people, and the audience may leave tickled by a great anecdote, but chances are they will have learned little of use that they can take to their jobs the next day.

Educational speakers are also easier to book on short notice than inspirational or motivational speakers, who are in higher demand. This, of course, says nothing about the relative competence of the two, only that an expert in bark beetle extermination is by and large in less demand than a "generalist" who can speak to any audience about "achieving the impossible." Remarkably, even the beetle guru will often work through a speakers bureau when planning his or her engagements.

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