Female Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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You may know about speakers who talk about business, marketing, technology and so on, but where do female speakers come in? Are female speakers a group of their own? Are there speakers that get hired because they are male or female? The fact is, there is a category of professional speakers that speak exclusively to women and women's issues. Before the male readers start thinking about discrimination, let's talk about the reasons there is a category of female speakers.

For one, even though the population of professional women is growing, when compared to the professional male population, it is not equal in size. Professional speakers are typically high-level businesspeople, and in most companies, there are still a greater number of men in these roles than women. However, the general employee base may include just as many females as males. If you were in charge of managing a session where you wanted all of your employees to listen (and learn), wouldn't you want both gender groups to be represented? For that reason, female speakers can be in high demand.

Equality and Beyond

Another reason female speakers are sought out is because, unfortunately, there are still a lot of stereotypes out there. Many professional women still feel that they are given fewer opportunities than men. Female speakers are good to have in sessions (along with men), because it shows the female audience members that old prejudices are fading out and that this is an equal opportunity subject.

Females in powerful roles also like female speakers. Why? It is simply a matter of being able to relate to one another. Most professional women like to know that there are other women out there like them. When female speakers get in front of an audience of men and women, there is already an established relationship with the female group.

All that being said, just because you're a female, it doesn't automatically imply you are the right person for the job. Anyone who gets paid to consult or talk about issues needs to be an expert in their field. This expertise may result from education and business experience in the corporate or political world. However, female speakers' expertise may also be in something that is not a result of education, like how to deal with pregnancy and maternity in the workplace, sexual harassment issues, and political changes that affect everyone, male or female.

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