Financial Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Financial speakers don't need to be CFOs. Almost any group of people can benefit from listening to financial speakers. Baby boomers who want to know what to do with their retirement money can benefit. Young parents who need to know how to save for their children's education can benefit. And a group that is often overlooked--teenagers--can certainly benefit from listening to financial speakers.

Studies show that most teenagers do not understand the importance of managing money. Having a financial speaker talk to teens about money can be beneficial because for one, they are not a parent or other potentially biased person. And secondly, financial speakers are independent people who are not there to grade or lecture or take away the car. Financial speakers have knowledge that can be imparted in a method that is unrelated to the authority figures in their lives, and is therefore more reasonable.

Growing up and Getting More out of Life

It's no secret that many teenagers live in a dreamworld, and that is simply because they and their parents are constantly barraged by the marketing of new clothes, electronic gadgets and other trendy must-haves. For this reason, they have no real concept of what it takes to live on a budget. The truth is, once a teenager leaves the house, her perception of money is in for a dramatic change. Financial speakers for teenagers can help prepare a teenager for the real world, one that involves them paying for their own entertainment, housing and food.

Still, financial speakers for teenagers usually do more than list average costs of utilities for kids. Financial speakers can relate to teens by pointing to a teen's wardrobe--from haircut to clothes to shoes--and help the teen find ways to save. Financial speakers are often most effective when they take teenagers though more hands-on exercises. For example, a financial speaker may pretend to be a banker for a teen who wants to get a car loan, or he may pretend to be an apartment manager. Financial speakers for teenagers that take on a role-playing activities may get to the teens closer to understanding real-life money issues.

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