Funny Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Hooray for funny speakers! Everyone who has sat through a conference and listened to high-level business speakers or CEOs, CFOs, etc. can appreciate humor. Even the driest subjects become more interesting with a joke or two added in. Funny speakers are great because if their speeches are done right, they can impart valuable information without the tone of a pontificate.

Most funny speakers, if they are really funny, make it seem effortless. Funny speakers make comedy seem like second nature because they have spent years honing their craft in clubs, events, and at home in front of the mirror. And like any professional, funny speakers have earned the right to be paid for their expertise. If you plan to hire a professional comedian for your engagement, be prepared to pay a premium rate, and to laugh.

How to Handle Funny Speakers Who Just Aren't Funny

This is a situation we all know but sometimes forget how to handle. You've probably sat through painful speeches or conversations where someone has tried to be a funny speaker but simply isn't. You've probably felt embarrassed for the person, even if the speaker himself seems blissfully unaware of the fact that he just isn't funny.

What are you supposed to do when your boss or colleague gets up in front of a group of people and makes a terribly unfunny joke? While you probably don't want to embarrass him or her in front of everyone, you should remember that most people appreciate constructive feedback, too. When you get a minute (after the meeting!), find a way to tell him that he probably ought to lay off the jokes or be more sensitive. While he or she may not seem appreciative, it will make you feel better in the end.

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