International Speakers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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International speakers are vaunted for their ability to bring an outside perspective to common topics. Sometimes, audiences are so limited by their own cultural blinders that they never stop to assess a "given" from another point of view. This is not the fault of these audiences, just as it is not the fault of foreign audiences that they don't see issues from American perspectives.

Quite often, international speakers can introduce ideas or opinions that lead to real breakthroughs in our understanding of them. Most Americans have fairly definite views on how our country's military might ought to be wielded vis-a-vis diplomacy. We may also hold strong opinions about the Arab-Israeli conflict, the policies of the EU, civil strife in places such as Sudan or Chechnya, and a host of other topics. An outsider, however, can frequently show us errors or oversights in our thinking.

Great International Speakers

The ranks of the best international speakers aren't just limited to the Tony Blairs, Silvio Berlusconis, and John Howards of the world. In fact, it's nearly impossible to get a prime minister, premier, or president to address a crowd (outside of his or her own constituents) without dangling hundreds of thousands of dollars out there. Fortunately, there are international speakers beneath these heads of state who can deliver equally gripping performances.

Speakers bureaus have relationships with clerics, council members, and policy makers all over the world. In addition to their governmental duties, a good number of these individuals are also part-time professional speakers and tailor their schedules to accommodate this. A bureau can help arrange flight itineraries, limo services, and other amenities for you in order to make sure your visitor's stay is a pleasant one--which is the best way to get those speakers back for repeat business.

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