Keynote Author Speakers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Keynote author speakers aren't just popular with other writers and fans of fiction, poetry, and essays. Scribes are popular as well with anyone who takes an interest in the world around him or her, as it's a writer's chief job to describe and interpret that world. It's the drive to better understand our planet and ourselves that keeps conference halls and auditoriums packed when keynote author speakers take the stage.

Writers like Stephen King and John Grisham have grown so popular that audiences often feel they already have a working relationship with them, even if that relationship is really with their characters. Most authors will confess that they can't help but reveal elements of themselves through their characters, but that doesn't mean it's safe for a reader to assume that he or she is reading a private diary of that writer's inner thoughts. It's really only through appearances at conventions and book signings that avid readers and fans can hope to get a glimpse inside their favorite novelist's or poet's head.

The Benefit of Hiring Keynote Author Speakers

Presumably, keynote author speakers are masterful storytellers--hence, the reason for their wide appeal. As an event chair, that's one tally in their favor, as you can generally trust your speaker not to bore your crowd. Occasionally, there are writers who are simply magnificent on their own in the privacy of their offices and homes (where, ostensibly, they do their writing), but fail to connect in person.

To avoid this potential problem, talk to a speakers bureau about the personalities and comportments of the writers on their rosters. As you'll invariably learn, some turn in merely perfunctory performances and can't be bothered to sign autographs, even for those fans who have purchased their books. Other writers are much more gregarious and appreciative of the chance to speak. Needless to say, these are the speakers you want to book.

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