Medical Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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The medical field is so diverse and complex that there's an abundance of medical speakers who focus on very specialized fields within the medical industry. Almost all medical speakers are extremely experienced, having not only gone through medical school, but who are also usually the authors of research, journals, books and more. One of the most popular choices for a topic for a medical speaker to cover is fitness and nutrition.

Medical speakers who cover nutrition are faced with an audience that is constantly inundated with new ideas about nutrition, from the local news to magazines that feature celebrity eating habits to the notions passed down to them from their mothers. Because medical speakers face the challenge of educating people on nutritional ideas that might be completely contrary to what these people believe, they often can face a very challenging crowd. In an audience containing the average American, medical speakers often need to overcome notions of what the "latest breakthrough" is.

Confirm the Topics You Want Covered

An excellent example of a popular idea that many medical speakers need to address is the diet that consists of all protein and no carbohydrates, as popularized by the late Dr. Atkins. So many people have seen their neighbors or friends go on the Atkins diet and lost weight that they think it must be a universally safe form of dieting. As doctors have been quick to point out, though the Atkins diet works, it is not a long-term healthy choice.

In addition to quick-fix diets that people read about, medical speakers also find themselves refuting many "common knowledge" perceptions. Many audience members have older relatives that had heart attacks because they ate diets rich in saturated fat. Though it is fairly well known that the human body needs a certain amount of fat to digest food, many medical speakers find themselves educating not about the latest discoveries, but rather on basic day-to-day nutritional needs. If you have specific topics you want your medical speaker to cover, be sure to discuss this beforehand with him or her so together you can avoid being sidetracked by issues like the ones above.

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