Olympic Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Olympic speakers have been very successful at raising money for charities. For decades, different charitable organizations have used Olympic speakers to benefit thousands of needy people and generate awareness for charitable causes. They have been so successful that many Olympic athletes have come to rely on speaking engagements as a source of income that is both validating and rewarding.

Carl Lewis, one of the most well known Olympic athletes, has been successful as an Olympic speaker ever since his career began in the 1980s. In 1984, he founded the Carl Lewis Foundation to help disadvantaged youths. Lewis now serves as Honorary Chairperson for the National Kidney Foundation and is an active participant in the Mickey Mantle Foundation, the American Liver Foundation and Best Buddies. Not all Olympic speakers may be as recognizable as Mr. Lewis, but that doesn't mean they can't speak intelligently and inspire an audience.

The Value of Gold, Silver and Bronze

Carl Lewis isn't the only Olympic athlete who has gone on to start his own charity. Ian Thorpe, also known as the "flying fish," is an Olympic swimmer who raises money for his own charity to help local schools. Thorpe travels worldwide regularly as an Olympic speaker and has been very successful at raising money for education in third world countries.

Though many Olympic speakers have favorite charities, there are many athletes who are available as Olympic speakers for other events. Olympic speakers can be hired as keynote speakers, motivational speakers, for autograph signings and more. Sometimes Olympic speakers are hired to be little more than good public relations tools, and if garnering some media attention for your event is your goal, then recruiting Olympic speakers might be your ticket. But don't forget that when it comes to inspiring your audience, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who's worked harder than Olympic speakers.

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