Sales Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Sales speakers appear at company events, conferences and other general functions. If you've ever sat through an event where a really powerful professional sales speaker gave a presentation, you probably walked away sure that you could make the next million. That's what a sales speaker's jobs are--to motivate you to make more sales, and to give you some of the fundamentals that can help increase your potential.

Sales speakers are often hired by companies that have a large sales force, and almost anyone, whether they are a salesperson or not, can benefit from listening to good sales speakers. New salespeople can benefit from learning tools of the trade that they might otherwise have to experience themselves, and veteran salespeople know that there is always something new to learn.

Sales Speakers Aren't Just For Salespeople

Sales speakers are trained to help with all aspects of sales, from making cold calls to closing the deal. Even people who are not salespeople by profession can greatly benefit from a good sales speech. If you've ever interviewed for a job or applied for a bank loan, you've had to sell yourself. Listening to good sales speakers can teach you how to "sell yourself," whether you are thinking about buying a new home, starting a business or even hiring an employee.

Sales speakers have another benefit inherent to their speeches. By learning certain tricks that salespeople use to be effective, you also have an "inside scoop" for the next time you deal with a salesperson. Take, for instance, going to a car dealer: If you are not immediately approached by a salesperson, take a good look around. . .because you might actually be in a grocery store parking lot. If you've been to a real car dealer, though, you know what it feels like to be "sold." You probably didn't like it. By listening to a good sales speaker, you should also learn how to deal with other salespeople and not let yourself get taken advantage of. . .whether it's a telemarketer who has called you at dinner time, a salesperson in an appliance store, or the dealer who is trying to sell you your next car. Sales speakers have lessons for us all that are helpful in our work lives and our personal lives.

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