Seminar Speakers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A lot of people wonder what steps they can take to become full-time seminar speakers. The key is really understanding that, like any pursuit, professional speaking is a process. Nobody wakes up one day and simply decides to become a professional seminar speaker, only to go out and find the world banging down his or her door requesting paid appearances.

The first step is to become a great speaker, which is a multifaceted process. You must ask yourself why you've chosen to speak. Do you have a need to perform? Do you have special lessons to impart? Do you just love to travel? The motivation that's fueling you will help teach you what it is you can most give to audiences and receive for yourself as a seminar speaker. This is the first step needed for anyone to become an outstanding speaker.

Steps for Seminar Speakers

It may sound obvious, but seminar speakers should be knowledgeable, and not just about a single field or trade. The most memorable speakers are able to digress, improvise, and expand on their material while speaking. To do this successfully requires a "Jack-of-all-trades" mentality, a love of learning that allows you to touch on all kinds of subject matter and still feel comfortable in your knowledge.

Once you've decided why you want to speak professionally and have determined what it is you have to offer, the next step is to start speaking! How is this done? Oftentimes, seminar speakers begin modestly by addressing small community groups, the PTA, or a local social club. These can all be stepping stones to bigger and more lucrative engagements.

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