Speaker Fees

Written by Christopher Ransom
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If you have hired a professional speaker, or even thought about it, you probably have looked into typical charges for speaker fees. Unfortunately, there is no set standard for what a specific speaker fee may be. Depending on the notoriety of the speaker, the fees range from the modest to the outrageous.

Most speakers regard their speaker fees as a result of whatever hard work they have put into creating an image of fame around them, and also of the market demand for their presence. If they have traveled the world giving speeches or have appeared in the national media, they probably think their "fame" is worth a certain amount. Being famous is what brings people to an event, which usually translates into money, but it doesn't always translate into good information.

When Fees and Ideals Collide

There has been quite a bit of debate lately about religious speakers and their fees for speaking. Some people feel that it is contradictory for a religious speaker to proclaim the gospel but then charge expensive speaker fees to talk. Religion, like sports, entertainment and business, is not immune to the concept of celebrity-type speakers who require large fees.

Though some people may have a hard time reconciling the idea that the religious speaker may be as much of an entertainer as an embodiment of values (and can therefore charge entertainment-like speaker fees), it all boils down to the definition of an entertainer and the value of the service provided. An entertainer does not have to be an actor, or a singer, or even a celebrity. All an entertainer has to be is someone recognizable you will pay money to see, or laugh with, or even disagree with. Your perception, among other factors, may play a role in what determines a speaker's fee.

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