Speakers Online

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Thinking about having someone speak at your next event? Fortunately for you, there is tons of information to be found on the subject simply by researching speakers online. To find speakers online, first you need to narrow down your category. Think first about your audience. Are they business people, local residents, parents or students?

After you've determined what your audience demographics are and before you start researching your speakers online, it might be a good idea to get some of the psychographics of your audience. This can be done with just a little research in the library or again, online. If you have the time, you can also poll a selected group from your target audience. Find out what they would be interested in hearing or learning about.

Sifting Through the Wealth of Information

Once you've done a little researching, it's time to find your speakers online. But wait, did you look online and get so many results that you found it all too overwhelming? To find your speakers online, you need to come up with a few key research terms. Think about key terms like humor, technology, or motivation. Once you've identified these and added them to your key word "speaker," you'll find it much easier to research your speakers online.

When you find your speakers online, be sure to look at least a few different sources. Then read as much as you can about the speaker. You want to find out things like how long they've been speaking, where they've spoken, what their specialty is and what their availability is. As always, don't be afraid to ask questions and check references.

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