Sports Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Unlike many other professional speakers that appear at conferences, tradeshows and corporate events, sports speakers are most often found at schools. Sports speakers visit schools to sign autographs and raise money for charities. One of the ways sports speakers get charity money raised is through grassroots and word-of-mouth campaigns.

Students and sports fans who see a sports speaker in a well-known institution are more likely to associated that institution with something good. Since they are probably there as a fan of the sports speaker, they usually want to tell other people about it. Telling others about it creates a demand on a grassroots level for the sports speaker's charity.

Belief in the Game

Sports speakers are also motivated to visit schools because they have an innate appreciation for high school sports, having been participants themselves. Many sports speakers give presentations to students because they love to have the chance to be able to pass on what they learned in the world to others. Sports speakers generally also like to share details about the amount of work that actually goes into being a paid athlete, such as training, teamwork and fan appreciation.

Coaches love to have sports speakers come to visit because it gives them a chance to "show off" their star athletes. In the same light, there are many cases where students look to sports star's visits as a way to pitch their hidden talents. For sports speakers, the chance to talk about their life is often very rewarding; however, they sometimes find themselves forced to let the students and fans know that they are not there as scouts. Love of the game has its rewards and its price.

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