Technology Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Technology speakers, despite the image the term may conjure, are usually not computer programmers. If you've ever worked closely with a programmer, you probably understand why this is. While programmers harness some of the best brain power in the world, many of them do not pride themselves in the ability to speak publicly.

Technology speakers, because of the topic they are discussing, need to have the ability to speak about a difficult and often confusing subject in terms that are easy to understand. In addition to this, technology speakers also have to be aware of very tech-savvy people in their audience, many of whom love to contradict an unwary speaker or pose incredibly difficult questions. The most popular technology speakers are former or existing chief technology officers (CTOs). CTOs are highly paid because they are able to translate to management difficult concepts that can only be understood in terms of acronyms and coding language. They also are able to translate MBA-like abstract business concepts into timelines, fact sheets, and other concrete media.

Hunting and Gathering as a Technology Speaker

Technology speakers are like business concept speakers in that if they are no longer working full time in a company, they still have a full-time job in keeping abreast of the latest advances. Their job is, in fact, a little more difficult because technological advances tend to happen very rapidly and in varying degrees. For instance, a great technological advancement is as likely to happen on a teenager's home computer as it is in a developer's work world.

Technology speakers are just as apt to learn from their sessions as they are to impart knowledge. The audience for technology speakers almost always includes people who live, breathe and eat technology either for fun or for a career. Unlike some other industries, technology people love to share the latest ideas they came up with at 2 am or show off their computing prowess. So it is not uncommon for a member of the audience to one-up the speaker with a brilliant idea of her own. Who knows, with enough surfing the frontiers of science and technology, you might just surprise yourself and the rest of the world.

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