Time Management Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Sometimes a story best illustrates a topic. Case in point: Betty Wang, a senior product manager for a thriving technology company, used to complain daily about not having enough time. When a colleague suggested she look into hiring time management speakers to talk with her group, she laughed and said she didn't have time to find one. But when she realized that she was always the last person at the office with the longest to-do list, she decided it was time to start looking into time management speakers.

For Betty, convincing her CEO that it would be worthwhile to have a time management speaker come wasn't as hard as she thought. When she asked her CEO to think about it, he asked her to make a list of reasons why he should spend the money to do so. At the end of the day, he asked her where her list was and she said she hadn't had time to do it yet. That's when he said "Get a time management speaker in here now!"

Time Management Speakers Can Work Magic

The time management speaker that Betty found spent four hours with her group. The time management speaker asked a lot of questions and took the time to get to know all the group member's individual job duties. When the time management speaker was finished, she handed each member a day calendar that had two hours blocked off each day. Betty thought that her time management speaker had wasted her time. "I can't take off two hours every day!" she exclaimed.

The time management speaker insisted that Betty at least try the system for one week. Betty reluctantly agreed, and followed the plan, leaving two free hours every day. At the end of the week Betty was amazed. She got the same amount of work done as before, but knowing that she had to get it done in two hours less than usual made her anticipate how long something should take her. By writing the allotted time down for each task and sticking to it, Betty learned how to work more efficiently, with less guess work and best of all, she gained 10 extra hours a week.

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