Top Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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One the of the questions top speakers often get on the road is, "How can I become a top speaker?" For many top speakers, this is a question that has both easy and difficult answers. For one, top speakers get to be where they are because they chose a subject that they were passionate about. Becoming a top speaker requires paying one's dues, whatever the industry.

In addition to finding a subject that you are passionate about, the best thing to do is to find a topic that is not popular. While the mere fact that there are so many top speakers attests to the fact that there is a market for you, if you want to get somewhere fairly quickly, it helps to be passionate about a topic that is not too common. Finding your niche as a top speaker can accelerate your rise.

Don't Forget to Do Your Homework

With your topic in hand (and assuming you've learned it well), you need to remember that top speakers got where they are because of determination and commitment. It's important to stay on course and not get too easily discouraged. While most top speakers make it look easy, there is a lot of background work that they put into it to make themselves successful.

A final important thing to remember when striving to be one of the top speakers is that what you do is about the audience. It's not about you. Your audience doesn't really care about why you chose to become a speaker or what you did to get there. Top speakers understand that their audience truly cares about their ability to deliver powerful and memorable messages in a way that can change their lives. Find that secret and you're bound for success.

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