Workshop Speakers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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If you're thinking about becoming a workshop speaker, you need to work on what kind of things you can bring to the table for others to get value out of. You need to work on selling your resume, yourself and your past experiences. Finally, you need to have a good plan for how to make a workshop memorable and valuable.

Workshop speakers are often paid well because they tend to act as consultants by the hour, day or even week. In addition to being consultants, workshop speakers also act as teachers. Workshop speakers are there to teach others how to effectively solve problems. The good thing about being a workshop speaker is that you get to interact with different kinds of people, provide real hands-on experiences, and reap the rewards of plentiful feedback that will help you build your own career.

Leveling the Playing Field

Workshop speakers have the unique opportunity to treat everyone as equals. In many workshops, there is no hierarchy. For instance, workshop speakers may get a group together that is composed of the CEO, head of marketing, a salesperson and an assistant. The workshop teacher then gets to take away titles and put everyone together on a single project. In some situations, workshop speakers may not even know who is the CEO and who is the assistant.

Another good thing about being a workshop speaker is that you get to be creative and break the everyday mold. Since workshops often use props for their exercises, you may bring visuals, tools, arts and crafts, or even something as simple and refreshing as crayons. It's amazing how everyone still loves crayons, no matter their age. Some workshop speakers require that everyone show up in sweat suits and sneakers. If you're a workshop speaker, remember to think creatively and have fun. People can get a lot accomplished and still have a good time.

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